Gypsum Cement

We install USG Levelrock® floor underlayments under gypsum-reinforced concrete to create a sound and fire barrier from floor to floor. These solutions address the challenging sound and fire requirements that are unique to the rapidly growing mass timber construction segment.

Sound Matting

Sound matting prevents noise from rebounding or echoing off hard surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings. We install noise absorbing mat options and sound absorbing board products to enhance the performance in various building environments.

Polished Concrete

As many offices, commercial, and retail facilities adopt an industrial look for their interiors, concrete flooring is often the flooring of choice. Our professionals are trained to grind and polish the concrete surface to create a smooth, high-gloss, no-wax finish.

Epoxy Flooring

We apply two-layer epoxy coatings for commercial and industrial flooring to provide a smooth and durable, stain-resistant surface designed to withstand heavy loads. The coatings create a surface that is easy to clean and highly functional while also offering a variety of colors and designs to accommodate the aesthetics of the space.